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Top 5 Favorite Male Characters in YA

While making this list, I think I discovered I might have “a type” which I would either called the Secretly Soft Boys or the Obviously Soft Boys. Either way, they’re all pretty soft.

Kaz Brekker : Not a surprise I know. After all, I am basic. Kaz is unlike any character I’ve met and I’ve rarely enjoyed a character arc as much as I’ve enjoyed reading about Kaz’s. Morally grey, unlikable, throws a guy overboard for hurting his crush, I’m in. I won’t gush about him any longer, he’s well aware.

Will Herondale : I could try and not put him on this list but I would be purely lying and I won’t do that so yeah.  His evolution throughout the series was great and he truly is a soft boy at heart and that’s what I’m here for.

Ronan Lynch : I hate that I love him. He’s provocative and twisted but he’s also… not. Even though he would beat me with his shoe for saying this, I again strongly believe he’s a secret softie even though it’s probably deeply DEEPLY hidden.

Daniel Jae Ho Bae : like I said in my review of The Sun Is Also A Star, Daniel seems like a part of my personality I can’t seem to escape. Daniel is hopeful and a dreamer. He’s a poet and what I like the most about him is that he’s not as naive as you could think. He still sees things as they are and that doesn’t stop him from being a hopeless romantic.

Carswell Thorne : The irony. Soft Captain Thorne. He’s charming and I’d definitely say he’s my “guilty pleasure” type favorite male character. I didn’t love Marissa Meyer’s writing until Cress. However, this third installment just has my whole ass heart and so does Captain Thorne.

Who are your favorite male characters in YA ? Tell me below ! 

Top 5 : Female Characters in Literature

My adolescence has been shaped my female characters. I was always looking for the next female-driven book to get me inspired. Women in literature have taught me valuable life lessons about womanhood, resilience and resistance.

Here are my top 5 favorite female characters !

💯Jude Duarte, The Folk of the Air Series by Holly Black

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What I really like about Jude Duarte and the way she’s written is that her character arc is phenomenal. Seeing a female MC, driven by a VERY GREY moral compass and taking charge of her destiny, claiming back power, and being hungry for it, it’s refreshing.

💯Inej Ghafa, Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo

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Inej Ghafa is a survivor. Her resilience, her personality, everything about her implies strength. I have rarely read about a character as pure-hearted as Inej and yet, as utterly silently ferocious. Inej is strong and inspiring. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

💯Evelyn Hugo, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins-Reid

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I wish I had the words to describe Evelyn Hugo but I don’t feel worthy. Evelyn Hugo is unique, driven and provocative. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She would make the same choices over and over again if she had to. What I liked the most about her is how fierce and brave she is.

💯Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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Elizabeth Bennet is the OG “I-Don’t-Give-A-Single-Fuck” gal. While getting a husband is far from being one of her priorities and she’d rather be reading (same), I like that she’s not against the possibility of being in a relationship. I admire her for how unapologetic she is.

💯Amy Dunne, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

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Who said my favorite female character couldn’t be an absolute psychopath who faked her own death to frame her husband for cheating on her amongst other things ? Amy Dunne is not a character you like but she is one-of-a-kind, a character you don’t meet every two seconds (and one you’re glad you don’t). She is fucked-up and her motives are… debatable but the beauty of her character relies on her complex psychological logic and reasoning. Women really can be anything. Including psycho-murderous killers.

Which female characters have impacted you ? Let me know below ! 

Top 5 : Favorite Buffy episodes

I just started to read Slayer by Kiersten White and have been in the mood to rewatch Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I only watched BTVS for the first time last year and I absolutely loved it !  (although there are a “couple” flaws in the last few seasons, but this isn’t what this is about). I thought I’d make this post and share with you my top 5 favorite Buffy episodes !

Number Five : I Only Have Eyes For You (2x19)

What happened : In this episode, Buffy and a very Evil And Dark Angelus are possessed by two spirits (a teacher and a student who were in a secret affair that ended very poorly).

Why I loved it : Not only does this episode switches gender roles as Angel is the one possessed by the female teacher, it also allows us to see more of his vulnerable side. It’s a beautiful take on Buffy and Angel’s tumultuous relationship. Everything in this episode, from the lighting to the dialogue and the acting is perfect in my opinion. 

Number Four : Hush (4x10)

What happened : Monsters known as the Gentlemen steal the voices of everyone in Sunnydale and it’s up to the Scooby-Gang to defeat them. 

Why I loved it : For the ending when Buffy screams and destroys them (as a human voice is the only thing that can kill them). There’s something so powerful within that scream and it follows the idea that’s at the core of the TV show about what a girl can do

Number Three : Who are you ? (4x16)

What happened : Faith (aka Slayer n°2 although she would hate me for calling her that) manages to switch her body with Buffy’s and all hell breaks loose. 

Why I love it : Faith. That’s it. That’s the reason. Faith is my favorite character in BTVS but also in television and fiction in general. I loved the way Faith’s morality is tackled and I genuinely think she’s one of the most interesting characters to ever exist. 

Number Two : The Body (5x16)

What happened : Buffy’s mom dies of a brain aneurysm and we see the aftermath of Joyce’s death, not only on Buffy but on all the characters. 

Why I loved it : I could write an actual essay about why this episode is one of the best of Buffy (I might do that ?). This episode leaves you feeling hollow : how can Joyce die of natural causes when her daughter is the Slayer ? Buffy feels completely powerless, she just lost her compass and center of gravity. Heartbreaking, beautifully directed, the takes on Buffy’s face (specifically one where the shot seems overheated and you can see Buffy’s distress), everything about it is magnificent. Anya’s speech made me cry like a baby. 

Honorable Mentions

Earshot (3×19) tackles teen violence and the plot-twist at the end is one of the most heartbreaking ones as we find out Jonathan was not going to shoot the school but himself.

Enemies (4×17) : again, I gotta give it to my girl Faith. The ending of this episode was amazing (we realized that Buffy and Angel tricked Faith and not the opposite !! Amazing !!)  

Number One : Normal Again (6x17)

What happened : Buffy gets poisoned by demon venom and is stuck between two versions of reality : one where she’s the vampire slayer and one where she’s a patient stuck in a mental institution (and has been for the past six years aka the past six seasons)

Why I loved it : First off, the ending leaves you wondering which of the realities was the “real one”. Seeing Buffy’s descent into semi-madness realizing she might have invented the Scooby gang and the slayer arc is mind-boggling. I see this episode as a discussion about the power of fiction and its beauty. 

That’s it for today ! Do you watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer ?
Do you have any favorite episodes ? I might make a more in-depth post about each favorite episode ! 

Top 5 : YA Books

💯Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Credits to Charlie Bowater for this beautiful piece of art

Is there gonna be a day where I don’t gush about this book ? I don’t think so. You can check out my Goodreads review here although it mostly consists of key-smashing and intense fangirling. Leigh Bardugo created a very intense fictional world and her characters are super developed and three-dimensional (some of the best characters arcs I’ve seen). (Check out my SoC Pinterest board here)

💯The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon

New kids on the block
Soon to be a major motion picture starring Yara Shahidi (!!) and Charles Melton (!!)

This book changed my life ? This masterpiece tackles the story of Natasha (F I E R C E) as she’s about to get deported from the USA back to Jamaica, where she was born. She only has a day left in the US when she meets Daniel (S O F T) and the rest is history. This book is truly a piece of art and it honestly goes a lot further than some insta-lovey/romance novel. You can check my review here.

💯The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Picture the spines the new book covers of TID make when lined up.
We need more TID fan art please

Name A More Iconic Trio, I WON’T WAIT BECAUSE YOU CAN’T. If you had trouble with The Mortal Instruments Series, maybe try out this one. Set in the Shadowhunters universe, it goes beyond a love triangle and other things you might’ve heard about it. Starring : Two Soft Boys, A Badass/Smart/Kind Girl and So Much More.

💯The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

Credits to Panatheism on Tumblr !

I’m gonna say it again (just because) : I LOVE SOFT BOYS and this book could be titled The Soft Boys and Blue. The Raven Boys (i.e boys who attend Aglionby, a private school) are on a quest to find a “dead” Welsh King who’s supposed to grant a wish to the person who wakes him. They’re accompanied by Blue, who comes from a family of psychics and who was told she’d cause her true love to die. However, this is mostly a story about friendship and we don’t get these a lot in YA. The love they all have for each other throughout the series is heart-warming and you might fall in love with them too… I know I have. I still have the last book to read and I’m looking forward to it ! (My Goodreads Review’s available here)

💯The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

72 отметок «Нравится», 5 комментариев — Monica Borg (@monicaaborg) в Instagram: «Jude Duarte from THE CRUEL PRINCE by @blackholly #judeduarte #thecruelprince #digitalartist…»
Angry Unlikable Girls Unite
Credits to Monica Borg (
Instagram + LinkTree)

I have a thing for books with Angry/Power-Thirsty/Fierce Female MCs. Jude Duarte is a human girl who was taken from our world along with her sisters to Faerie. She’s treated like dirt because of her humanity. This is a story about taking back your power, making questionable decisions and being a Bad Bitch ™. A great compelling universe with amazing world-building and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. 

What are some of your favorite YA books ? Do we have any in common ? Tell me below, I’d love to know !

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