Hi, I’m Noa and this is my blog ! Finding something that makes you happy is hard so when you do find it, hold on to it with all the strength you have.

Some random information :

Libra, Ravenclaw, INFJ. Emotional but super friendly mess, 90% of the time. I love to read about morally grey characters and friendships.

I like to read, travel and listen to music ! When it comes to reading (or the arts in general), I’m open to try anything and I’m not picky (okay, let me correct that : I try not to be picky). My favorite genres are YA and fantasy !

On this blog, I don’t just talk about books. I write about TV shows and just things I enjoy in life.

You can follow me on Goodreads and on Twitter ! I hope you’ll stick around. Don’t hesitate to comment so we can interact !

See you around !