august, september, october wrap-up !!!

October 22, 2019

when i went back to my july wrap-up and tbr, i realized it started the way most of my wrap-up and tbrs start : with a sigh and a quiet disappointment in myself because “i didn’t read as many books as i wish i did” or something along those lines. after july, i changed my goodreads reading goal from 70 books to 50 because i came to the realization that i don’t care how many books i read. i got so obsessed with the number that i actually didn’t even care anymore about whether or not i was enjoying myself.

it was unhealthy and so i decided to change that. i just want to enjoy myself because that’s all that matters for me when it comes to reading : ENJOYMENT. i also haven’t written a review in a while and i definitely wanna get back into it which is why reading out of enjoyment means a lot to me.

i went on holiday in august and i didn’t read a lot, i only started reading again in september and at the beginning of october ! here’s what i read :

currently reading

this list hasn’t moved since july hahah

what have you been reading ?
do you have a reading goal ? how do you feel about it ? do you ever feel pressured to reach a certain amount of books read ?
please let me know below !

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