Fandom Culture and the way Society looks down on fangirling : The BTS Example

August 21, 2019

This is actually kind of a self-discovery and realization I had while writing another post so I guess in a way, this is addressed to me too, as a reminder.

Recently, I started listening to BTS (and so I was writing about BTS on Twitter) and for some reason, I wanted to write about how I was NOT obsessed with them but how I did enjoy their music and how they made me feel.  And it struck me how a part of me was… ashamed ? DONT GET ME WRONG, THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED ABOUT and I logically knew this fact.

However, for some reason, I couldn’t process it in that moment. I kept thinking about my Fangirl Age back when I was 13 and all the different Instagram fan accounts I had (not for BTS but for various TV shows like Doctor Who, Supernatural, Teen Wolf or movies like Harry Potter etc.). Now, I’m calling it my Fangirl Age but let’s be honest here, I never grew out of it. 

I’ve been very interested about how we as women (as a society) internalize a lot of bullshit that we then have to learn to debunk.

I think that the way people look down on fandom culture and specifically what we call “fangirling” is a testimony to how some people look at girls, as if being a “fan” is inherently synonymous with being childish and naive and other clichés when it comes to girls being passionate about something. (And by the way, I talk about fangirling and “girls” but I feel like fangirling transcends being a girl, or a guy, or a non-binary pal. I feel like I could’ve worded this better, I’m sorry I don’t know how.)

I’m taking the example of BTS because they’re a famous boyband (rightfully so) and because ARMY is mostly but not exclusively female (for some data) but it goes for every artist, every thing that we get obsessed with. Even using the word “obsessed” makes me feel some type of unease because it’s not obsession. It’s love and admiration and feeling understood and seen and being happy to be alive, to feel these weird feelings that we don’t always understand. It’s appreciation and it’s that indescribable feeling of Being Grateful and feeling so much love in your heart that you wish you could throw hearts around and burst (I’ve been extra emo lately, don’t mind me). 

And let me tell you something else that mustn’t be much of a surprise to you. Life is fucking tough and so, if you find something that makes you happy, don’t stop doing it. I’m not talking about murder, don’t murder please. I’m talking about listening to the music you love, and watching the movies you love and doing the things you love to do. Do them.

This also happens with the books I read. Reading YA, as a teen and then as a 20 year-old, I paid more attention to the disdain directed towards YA books because that disdain was also directed at Me, and at Readers of YA. People find the silliest thing to focus on, like the fact that you love to read fantasy or smut or God knows what. And listen, I’m not victimizing myself or others AT ALL. 

BUT YOUR TASTES IN BOOKS ARE VALID. I love reading, it’s not a secret and I love the book community. I love that there’s a place where we can all gush about our favorite characters and cry about bad plots, characters dying and morally grey characters who deserved better. I love that there’s a place where I don’t feel labeled as a nerd, or lame just because I like to read. But that’s not my point. What I’m trying to say is that WHATEVER YOU LIKE TO READ, IT’S VALID. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of “I can’t believe some people read that stuff” and I SHALL NOT BEAR IT ANY LONGER. WHATEVER YOU LIKE TO READ/WATCH/LISTEN TO IS VALID.

SO WHAT IF YOU LIKE TO READ A CERTAIN GENRE ? Honestly, when it comes to reading/entertainment, the only thing that matters to me is enjoyment. And it goes for movies, music, art in general, LIFE IN GENERAL.  

And if you’re not mature enough to understand people can have different tastes and we all enjoy different things, get out of my face. If you’re not busy enough that you have to focus on and attack teenagers and twenty-something about their reading/music tastes, get busier

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  • Reply Manuella August 22, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    “if you find something that makes you happy, don’t stop doing it.” : LOVE IT.
    I don’t know why people want to judge such personal things as music tastes, reading tastes and so on… Let me do what I want, just like I let you do what you want (not talking about murders either lol)

    • Reply Noa August 23, 2019 at 4:05 am

      E X A C T L Y !!!!! Why can’t people let others be ???

  • Reply Tashfa September 8, 2019 at 8:55 am

    I absolutely agree with everything you said in this post! I feel like it’s so important to respect other people’s opinions and their love for things that have helped them in one way or another ❤

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