In honor of Season 3 coming out last Wednesday (and the fact I just finished my finals and am gonna binge the living hell out of it), I thought I’d make this post and gush about Lucifer !

“People don’t arrive broken. They start with passion and yearning till something comes along that disabuses them of those notions. ”

This TV show deals with the Devil, Lucifer Morningstar as he decides to take a  vacation from Hell along with a demon called Mazikeen and goes to Los Angeles to make it his new home. His path meets the one of Detective Chloe Decker (LAPD) and the rest is history, I guess.

So who would have thought I’d feel any kind of compassion for the Devil ? That’s a rhetorical question. Morally grey characters with layers and discussed trauma is what makes my heart beat

😈Taking responsibility

Lucifer is not at all what I expected. I adore the take the show has on taking responsibility for our own actions. The criticism of the Catholic Church (but also of basically every religion) is compelling because… it’s true. Too often, humanity has blamed their impulses and immoral decisions on some outer force, whispering in their ears and making them do the unthinkable. But actually putting this “idea” of the Devil into a (very hot) Tom Ellis in a suit (yes with a British accent and yes it’s besides the point), well it changes the way you think about it. You end up sympathizing with him and understand his point of view. 

😈Dealing with trauma (or not…)

Lucifer is deeply traumatized and hasn’t dealt with his trauma at all (way too close to home). He doesn’t communicate, closes himself off rather than dealing with shit and uses humor as a defense mechanism (ouch).

“Lately I’ve been thinking. Do you think I’m the Devil because I’m inherently evil, or just because dear ol’ dad decided I was?”

He lets himself believe for a second he deserves love but also deeply deeply believes his entire life is a cosmic joke where his future is constantly planned by his Father and out of his control. This idea of being “deserving” plays a huge role in the show as a part of Lucifer truly believes he doesn’t deserve to be happy

😈Family relationships and complications

What I really appreciate about Lucifer is its variety of topics dealt with. At the end of the day, Lucifer’s family is fucked-up. When you think about it, he got kicked out for being rebellious (yes, in Heaven, yes, must’ve been pretty serious). What I’m trying to say is that their problem is an INCREDIBLE lack of communication resulting in more and more problems (again, pretty relatable in my eyes)

😈Redemption and identity 

What I like the most about Lucifer is that it discusses self-determination. Is there redemption for all of us ? Do we all deserve it ? More than that, it’s about identity and being who you are. I feel like throughout the show we see Lucifer try to fit in the mold others have made for him. His self-hatred is so intense he starts to believe he is evil. After all, why shouldn’t he ? It’s what people have been saying since the dawn of times, right ? But what about trying to decide who you are going to be rather than listening to who people think you are ?


The characters are pure gold and not ONE of them is as “simple” as you might think. They all have motives, ambitions and layers (cough Maze cough) which I feel is something you don’t always get to see. It’s so common to just see a character being thrown in a show, without them having any real depth or character arc. 

In complete honesty, I was nowhere near ready when I started watching this show. It swept me off my feet and I’m legitimately obsessed with it. 

Do you watch Lucifer ?
What’s a TV show that’s completely taken over your life ? 
Let me know !