Unpregnant by Jenni Hendriks and Ted Caplan

May 9, 2019


ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

Hilarious, poignant and beautiful, Unpregnant tells the story of Veronica, a seemingly perfect high school student. She’s in the run to be valedictorian, has the “perfect” boyfriend, “perfect” friends and everything that goes with it… Until her “perfect” boyfriend pokes holes in his condom to get Veronica pregnant and stop her from moving away (I KNOW RIGHT ? WHO DOES THAT ?). With the help of Bailey Butler, her ex-best friend, Veronica goes on the road to get to an abortion… in a clinic 994 miles away in Albuquerque, NM. If I had to describe this book in three words, it would be be those three (give or take) : 

🌺 #1 Unique

Unpregnant is unique. It manages to tackle serious topics (teenage pregnancy, abortion, abandonment) while being absolutely hilarious and delightful. This book’s main theme is abortion. Although it’s far from being a light-hearted topic, Unpregnant does not shy away from that (I mean, look at ALL THE TROUBLE Veronica has to go through). The moral judgment, the misogyny and control over women’s bodies is very real and the authors made sure to portray that. This is a beautiful commentary on women’s rights and how far we have to go to claim what’s rightfully ours.

🌺 #2 Friendship

Bailey Butler gave off some serious Janis Ian vibes and I was here for it. Not only did I adore the two MCs, the story also centers around friendship and appearances. It’s about trying to have this “perfect” image and losing yourself in the process. Can you really call your “friends” friends if they only care about you when you’re happy and bubbly but MIA when you really need them ? If not, I would reconsider what I call “friends”. Bailey Butler is a fierce lioness and gave true meaning to what a real friend is. I think she’s probably made it to one of my favorite characters of all time.

🌺 #3 Relevant (and soooo damn important)

It’s with sadness and bitterness that I call this book relevant today. I don’t live in the United States but the fight over women’s control on their own bodies doesn’t know any borders in my eyes. Georgia Governor signed the “Fetal Heartbeat” Abortion Law, banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, when doctors can usually start detecting a fetal heartbeat (if you wanna know more, read this article) Most women aren’t even aware they’re pregnant until the sixth week and it’s disgusting that men like Brian Kemp still feel entitled to the opinion that THEY KNOW BETTER WHAT IS GOOD FOR A WOMAN THAN A WOMAN HERSELF. However, the debate over abortion is worldwide and again, incredibly relevant. I think this book is a perfect way to tackle these issues and I applaud Ted Kaplan and Jenni Hendriks for the way they handled it.

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