How To Read When You’re Broke 101 (#2)

May 7, 2019

You know how we all say we’re broke and we shouldn’t be buying books but we do anyways because well… BOOKS. That kind of says it all, doesn’t it ?

Until now, let’s just say that my bank account and I weren’t on the best of terms but we weren’t on the brink of divorce. Now ? Oh. Now, we’re fighting for who gets the kids (BOOKS) and how I am fully deserving of an allowance.

With new releases, a constant desire to self-destruct and that one gorgeous edition of Six of Crows, I’ve been struggling. In March, I told myself I was going on a book-buying ban… which lasted three days. I know, pathetic. From the 28th of March to the 28th of August, I had set my mind on not buying any more books. And it worked. I didn’t buy a single book. However, after a quick look at my bank account at the end of August, I decided to extend my book-buying ban.

(I’m actually thankful I had a slump during that same month because I would’ve suffered x1000 if I hadn’t)

However, my poor little reader heart is now GREATLY suffering from the lack of ability to buy new books and it made me reconsider my life choices. This is a little guide to help you, if you too are in a great battle with that amount in your bank account. As much as I love reading, I can’t be spending all my coins on books (I WISH).

TIP #1 : Read classics

So I know classics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and I get it, trust me. However, most classics on Amazon are free if you have a Kindle. If you don’t, some of them are available on PDF so you can read them on your computer. This tip, I admit, is a bit tricky since you do have to have either a Kindle or a computer which means… more money you have to spend. It sucks, I know.

TIP #2 : Go to your nearest library

This might seem like a given. Back in my old town, we had a little library and guess what ? I had never set foot in it. 18 years of living there and I had never gotten a subscription to this freaking library. And guess what it had ? YA ! Books ! I ! Actually ! Wanted ! To ! Read ! Unfortunately, we moved the next year and I haven’t had the time to go on a scavenger hunt to discover the libraries around me (although I’m pretty sure they exist !!!) Libraries are a great way to read if you can’t be spending money on books. I personally don’t have trouble with not owning the books. All that matters to me is that I get to read them.

TIP #3 : Try to get ARCs

ARCs means Advanced Readers Copy and are basically a way for reviewers and readers to get copies of the books before they’re put on the market (so before they’re published. I don’t know why I’m using all this language). Websites like Edelweiss or Netgalley provide ARCs. I personally prefer Edelweiss because they tend to allow more ARCs to international readers (meaning not from the US). If you’re scared of ARCs and of Edelweiss (oh boy do I get it, I was the same), this article by Marija @ Inside My Library Mind helped me so freaking much.

TIP #4 : Invest in a Kindle

I was very suspicious of Kindles (can’t trust the technology and all that hehe). I couldn’t stand the idea of not having a physical copy in my hands (THE SMELL, THE SOUND OF THE PAGES????? ANYONE ????) but investing in a Kindle was a great choice. Although they are expensive, they’re also a great way to save up money in the future : books you buy on the Kindle are less expensive and like I said, most of the classics are for free !

TIP #5 : Go the thrift store

In France, we don’t really have thrift stores like the UK or the US have for example. I’ve only used this tip when I went to the UK last summer and I bought Twilight (I had a craving, don’t judge me) for less than a pound ! If you can, go to a thrift store, you might me able to uncover some hidden treasures. Even though I don’t have a lot of experience with thrift shopping, I do however with salvaging my mom’s old books from when she was a teenager. She kept a box of her old books in the basement of my grandparents’ house for years (a tragedy) and I had never heard about them ! Consider asking your family members if they have some secret stash of books.

TIP #6 : AsK a FriEnD iF yoU CaN BorRow ThEIR bOOks

UM….. OKAY so I don’t lend my books easily. And by that, I mean I mostly don’t (unless you’re my best friend, I know where you live and I can raid your place like the SWAT — IM MAKING THE RULES!). Okay, that was dramatic. That being said, ask a friend if you can borrow their books if they’re reading stuff you like ! If they’re close friends, they (probably) won’t (don’t hold me to it) say no.

Those are my tips to save money if you’re an avid reader. If you have any tips of your own, please comment them below!
xoxo, Noa

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