Hi, I’m Noa and apparently I’m running a blog now 💫

March 7, 2019

How did this happen ? Good question. (I honestly just like to talk a lot). I had been wanting to start a blog for ages and now is as good a time as any.

I’ve been repeating that 2019 is going to be the year I do all the things that scare me (I’m 20 years-old so it’s about time). It’s also gonna be the year of self-love and self-care and over the years, I’ve figured that I do best when I’m reading. Obviously, that’s not the sole component of my well-being. However, it does have a role to play. So here I am. With a blog.

As this is (“supposedly”) an introduction, I thought I’d share with you my goals for the year regarding my reading and this blog ! 

🚀My goals for 2019🚀

🚀Posting two times a week : I plan on posting on Thursdays and Mondays. I’m currently a student in law school which is why this might be a little tough to keep up. I wish I could post more (and who knows I might ? I’ve never run a blog before so a few trials are in order). I’m also planning on doing Monthly Wrap-ups and TBR. I review most of the books I read and I’m planning on double-posting them on here but also on my Goodreads (*Gollum’s voice* “My precious” aka yes, I am a bit of nerd, back off).

🚀Being a more critical reviewer : this is something I really care about. I’m no professional literary critic ! I read mostly Young Adult/New Adult and Classics (sometimes). I like to see a silver lining in what I read and try to be as open as possible.

🚀Read 70 books : 2017 was a good reading year but I missed my reading goal (which was 50 books and I missed it by ONE BOOK). 2018 was better (same goal but I reach 65 books).  This year, I feel (nay, I KNOW) it’s gonna be a great reading year. I’ve already read 14 books, which I’m really proud of ! 

🚀Engage more in the book community : in order to do that, I created a Twitter account ! (I’m really REALLY BAD at social medias).

🚀Now, as much as I love books, I also just love to talk about A LOT OF THINGS : so probably expect that too. I’m passionate about some random things (movies, life, MUSIC, Brooklyn 9-9, how much I hate tomatoes although that’s probably not worthy of a blog post) and I like to write about them which is why they might be posted here !

So yes, this is my blog plan for 2019 ! Do you have any reading goals for 2019 ? Tell me about them ! PS : English is NOT my native language which is why there might be some typos or grammatically incorrect sentences, don’t hold me accountable.

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